The Forest Hills soundtrack 

FINALLY that much closer! The original motion picture soundtrack to THE FOREST HILLS is coming soon! Our latest single, “The Crippling Fear Of Night” is featured on this release. The movie hosts such icons as Shelley Duvall, Dee Wallace and Edward Furlong and many more. We can't wait for this and the film to be released!



Hello, we would like to thank everyone so very much for experiencing the little run of shows we just finished up with our Brothers in EGG! - We met a lot of new people and saw friends we so often do not in a short period of time. Thank you for lending yourselves, your bodies, your souls to hanging round any of the shows we have privilege to be a part of.
Big ups to Black Suit Youth, Shame Penguin, Acid Walls, Custom Built Planets, Poet Billy Lamont and
special thanks to JAY!
NOW...We absolutely need to take a moment to praise the lovely Gentleman in EGG! - Let's face it, we've been around the MF block and seen and worked with so many bands and artists. Some...just stick out. These Boys, for us, STUCK. Our adoration is very real. We thank them for being professionals and very easy to work with. Sweet, polite, easygoing and wildly talented. We know WE can be pains in the asses at times and they were all smiles. They are a phenomenal band. Thanks for helping us create some more memories on this journey. We look forward to future endeavors. 
📷: Kari O'Key


Check out these wonderful screen caps from our…PARTY Friday night.

We can't wait to release our Live EP. The back end work has begun. And again, we cannot express how much you ALL mean to us. Thank you for being a part of this, please stand by!


Please come be a part of a very special evening with us as we record our first live EP on Friday March 22nd at 8PM sharp. We will be celebrating 2 years of our self-titled debut. This event is free, the only thing we ask is that you are VERY READY to give us all you've got. We want to make this very special.
Next Phase Sound Studio
136 Allen Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

We will be posting more about this as it gets closer. Until then we are neck deep in writing new material. Have a rad week. 

Happy New Year 

Plain and simple. Be Safe. Be Cool. Talk soon. 

Thank you for being with us. XO

(Please keep up to date with us on our socials)

Happy Holidaze 

Hey everybody - We are a few days late for this whole Holiday sales thing. BUT, it's a go now! EVERYTHING in our store is half off until early in the new year. Grab something for yourself or a loved one. We appreciate everything any of you have been a part of this year. Be safe and enjoy the rest of the year.