🚨 🚨 🚨 Friday August 25th 🚨 🚨 🚨
Our brand new single, THE CRIPPLING FEAR OF NIGHT will be released worldwide to stream and download from all your favorite platforms. Engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Joey Z. Of Life Of Agony
It will also be available as a split 7-inch with Action Park and will feature exclusive cover art and content through The Clay Universe
A video filmed by Ian P. Clifford will also be released shortly.
The song will also be featured on the soundtrack to the film "The Forest Hills", coming soon.
More updates regarding the release will be forthcoming over the next 2 weeks.


One month from today our new single
will be out Worldwide on all platforms to stream and download (8/25) Produced and engineered by Joey Zampella , co-produced by us.
A video shot by Ian P. Clifford will also debut next month on our YouTube channel
There will also be a very special limited edition 7-inch made avaliable thru The Clay Universe
The song will also be featured on the soundtrack to “The Forest Hills” starring Shelley Duvall, Edward Furlong and Dee Wallace.

Exciting announcement! 

Our new single, "The Crippling Fear Of Night" will be included on the soundtrack to "The Forest Hills" coming this Fall and features Shelley Duvall in her return to the screen after 20 years! Also starring Edward Furlong and Dee Wallace.
Getting this single out has been an absolute war of attrition, but will be worth it.
The song is produced by Joey Zampella of Life Of Agony - Executive Producer, The Clay Universe.
The soundtrack should be out late Summer which may skew our personal release, but we will figure it all out. The single WILL be out physically in October as a split with Action Park via The Clay Universe.
Anyways, go team! Thanks to everyone involved. More info as we get it. 

Slowly inching toward releasing new music 

:::These things take time::: But, finally we have received 7-inch test pressings of our new single! A split with Action Park - coming out via The Clay Universe (This Summer?)
If you remember, we were back in the studio the end of last year. We WILL be bringing you new music. But, there are still some moves to make before this can officially come out. We are a step closer tho! 



And now, said test pressing of our new 7-inch single is. In. Hand. It will be going into production soon!
Incredibly grateful to The Clay Universe for the generosity and belief in us to get behind this very important song. We cannot wait to share it with all of you. And of course thank you for the delicious SerendipiTea - Yet another step closer. 



First show since tour/first local show of the year! 

New week. New month. And we are psyched to announce our first show since tour and our very first local show of the year!
Feast Fest at The Great South Bay Brewery, Saturday May 13th from noon to 8pm. All ages. Food, drinks, vendors, music. We have a heck of a set prepped. We're also very excited to play with our loves in The Space Station - Man, it's gonna be a great day. Let's hang and let it all go for a few hours.
More details to come. Get yr tix!