Dear Reader, thank you for visiting our page. We truly appreciate it. We have put so much time and effort into cultivating this band. Emotionally, mentally, physically...it's all there, (absolutely financially). Honestly, it started really slow and I was not sure I even wanted another band. I did have some songs though, at that time, just for me. TT and I reconnected in late 2019 after the death of a friend. It's those unfortunate things that (re)build bridges. We wanted to be friends again, we wanted to create art again together as we did in the past. So, we began, and with more of an appreciation for each other and more of an understanding. We had barely 3 months before we had to stop in our tracks. Covid. As you know, 2020 was a huge challenge for our entire planet. I didn't think this small "idea" would survive. I was really sick in 2020 and in and out of the hospital and I did't even get Covid, I'm sure there is irony there somewhere. TT was also being forced to move at that time. It was chaos, but I continued to write. A quick side note, we did have a second guitar player at that time who I worked with via video chats on and off that year, but, it didn't work out. As that relationship was ending a new one was about to blow us away in the form of our dear Cliff "SugarBear". He heard one sloppy rehearsal, and God bless him, he wanted in and we wanted him. I drilled him like crazy for a week and then we started to demo out our record the end of 2020. We were all a mess physically, it was crazy. in 2021 another beautiful relationship would grow. Joey Z of Life Of Agony liked what we were doing and so hey, we all decided to make a record. We spent all of Summer '21 til the end of the year nurturing our debut record. It was the best recording experience we could have imagined. I spent so much time one on one with Joey bringing our piece of art to life. Terry and Cliff were such good sports about everything, and, in March of 2022 we released our debut self-titled record only playing our first show as Coventry Carols just weeks before it came out (first show, sounds SO weird as we've done this forever). We have not stopped since. And, it's really beautiful because we have had such a good time. We handmade most all of our first run merch and so much sold out. Rescord put out our record. We toured North America with Life Of Agony and Sick of it all March-April '23 while still working the local and Tri-State area. To top it all off we released a new single the end of August, also done with Joey Z. There is so much to say, and I'm sure leaving a ton out. The point is we love this band. We are 3 guys who all wear glasses, love food, collect toys, are obsessed with music and always learning about some new nerdy shit from each other. So, if you're still with me/us, we have a long road ahead and we plan to traverse it. Let's stop here for now, BUT, get to a show because that is truly how to experience Coventry Carols.

With Love, Soda

August 2023


Jon Soda James-Vocals/Guitar

Terry Taylor-Drums

Clifford Catropa-Bass/Backing Vocals