Exciting week ahead

Hi everyone! Thanks for an awesome weekend launching our record, we are so happy to set it free, finally. This coming week we have some great stuff to offer you.

Wednesday the 23rd we just added a last minute event to our calendar and IT IS AN HONOR...Rock City Dogs in Bayshore is having a listening party for our record. Come have dinner with us, listen to the record and hang out. There will be a special Coventry Carols veggie dog available at the party and Soda will have an awesome 90's playlist ready to go after our record plays out.

Friday the 25th is our album release show at Mr. Beery's! Please come early and see our friends in Sadartha and He Was A God. This is going to be a very memorable night and we cannot wait to share this with you.

Thanks for tuning in, we value your time and promise not to waste a second of it. We hope you are enjoying our album. xxx

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